Minsk Airport (MSQ)

Belarus’ largest airport is national airport Minsk (MSQ). There are other airports in the cities of Gomel, Brest, Grodno, Vitebsk, Mogilev and Minsk-1 airport in the city of Minsk. National airlines Belavia is the largest passenger transportation company of Belarus, accounting for around 90% of passenger transportation by air. At present regular flights take off from Minsk International Airport (MSQ) heading for 22 cities in non-CIS states, with regular flights taking 18 routes to CIS states. Charter flights to and from many countries are available. Last years few new airlines emerged on the Belarusian market, such as Czech Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Etihad Airways, Austrian, Vueling and UtAir. Starting from 2007 Azerbaijan Airlines performs flights Baku-Minsk-Baku while AirBaltic performs flights Riga-Gomel-Riga and Riga-Minsk-Riga. Interstate and intergovernmental air transport agreements have been signed with 39 countries. Efforts are put into unifying Belarusian civil aviation regulations with legal acts of the Russian Federation, standards and best practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

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Minsk Airport - Second Floor

How to get to the center

Minsk Airport is situated a bit outskirts the city of Minsk and its accessible with public transport, taxi or private transfer with MiniVan and personal driver. The cheapest way to get the center of the city is by bus, there are two scheduled buses which serve the airport, the one pass through the city with last stop in Minsk Centralny Bus Station (it is just next to Railway Station) and the other to the district Sokol. If your hotel located somewhere in the center of the city probably the first option is the one for you. So in details:

Bus 300Э (its 300 express): Departs from the airport outside the arrival terminal, you will need to walk about 100 meter to the stop which is exactly opposite gates 5,6. There are frequently departures starting from 03:15 the first bus and the last at 00:50, you can buy ticket directly from the driver and it costs about 20,000 BYR (about 1.8 EUR). The journey to Minsk Centralny - which is the last station - it takes about 1 hour but there is also one more stop before the terminal at the metro station Uruchie and from there using metro you can reach other parts of the city.

Below you can find the timetable for bus 300Э

- From Mink National Airport (MSQ) at:
0315, 0520, 0630, 0710, 0805, 0900, 0940, 1030, 1115, 1155, 1240, 1320, 1400, 1445, 1530, 1615, 1700, 1745, 1830, 1910, 1945, 2025, 2105, 2155, 2235, 2355, 0050
- From the bus station "Centralny" at: 0220, 0415, 0505, 0600, 0650, 0740, 0825, 0915, 1000, 1040, 1125, 1205, 1245, 1330, 1415, 1500, 1545, 1630, 1710, 1750, 1830, 1910, 1950, 2030, 2125, 2245, 2340 .

Airport Facilities

In the airport you can find ATM, currency exchange, airline’s ticket kiosks, information desk, visa department, cafe, car rental agent, minivan transfer services, parking, temporary accommodation options, children care room, gym, hairdresser, telephone and fax.


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