Connecting Flights to Minsk

If from the city you live, there is not any direct flight to Minsk, the alternative option you have is to find a connecting flight through some other city, usually the connecting flights are a bit more expensive than the direct but in this article we will give few tips which can reduce the total cost of your trip.

If you depart from Europe, look for transit cities which have frequent and cheap flights to Minsk and that you could possible reach them by bus or by train or even getting a low cost flight (Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizzair) such cities are:

Vilnius & Kaunas: The two Lithuanian cities are popular bases for the low cost airlines Ryanair and Wizz Air, you can find very cheap flights from many European cities to Vlinius and Kaunas and then you will need to take a transport (bus, train, shuttle bus) to Minsk. The best option is to take the recently new shuttle bus that connect both Kaunas Airport and Vilnius Airport, directly to Minsk. The cost is 18 EUR from Kaunas and 14 EUR from Vilnius and you can book your seats here: Alternative there are scheduled trains and buses that leave frequently the main station in Vilnius and reach Minsk in about 3 hours. (Please note you cannot make Belarussian visa at the boarder, you need to have already a visa in order to be able to get in Belarus).

Warsaw: There are daily flights to Minsk with LOT and Belavia, an average return flight from Warsaw to Minsk cost 150 EUR if you book in advance. Warsaw is in the heart of Eastern Europe and very easily someone can find a low cost flight to Warsaw or if live in any neighborhood country (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria) can travel by bus or train.

Kiev: There are daily flights to Minsk with Belavia, the average return flight it cost about 160 EUR.

Frankfurt & Berlin: From Frankfurt there are daily flights to Minsk with Lufthansa and Belavia and from Berlin 4 weekly flights with Belavia. A average cost for return flight from those cities to Minsk will cost you around 210 EUR if you book your tickets in advance.

Vienna: Austria’s capital located in the heart of Europe and its easy accessible from many other Europen cities, there are daily flights to Minsk with Austrian Airlines and Belavia and the average cost for a return flight is around 220 EUR.

Moscow: This is the most frequent flight schedule from Minsk and there are 3 airlines – Belavia, Aeroflot, UtAir – which operate many daily flights. Sometimes Aeroflot has very good offers for connecting flights to Minsk but have in mind that traveling to Minsk through Moscow you will need to have a Russian Visa (Transit Visa) but you will need also a Belarusian Visa.

Istanbul: There are 4 weekly flights operated from Belavia and Turkish Airlines, usually there are good offer with the connecting flights of Turkish Airlines from Middle East & Mediterranean countries.

From USA and Canada the best option is some connecting flight through Frankfurt, London or Paris. From New York there are daily direct flights to all of those cities and from there is the most probable to find a cheap transit flight to Belarus.

From Asia and Australia the best option is through Abu Dhabi with Etihad which operate daily flights to Minsk. Etihad has an extensive network of direct flights to all the over the world and with the very reasonable prices its one of the best option for your transit flight to Belarus.

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