BELARUS VISA :: Information for Belarusian Visa

Most foreign nationalities need a visa to enter to the Republic of Belarus, you can issue a visa either in a Belarusian embassy in your country or directly at the National Airport of Minsk. Starting from August 2013 all visitors - with nationalities that require a visa to enter to the Republic of Belarus - they will be able to directly at the National Airport Minsk. ( The previous law was that only nationalities that has not a Belarusian embassy in their country could apply for visa at the airport)

The cost for a tourist visa – that you will be able to stay up to 30 days – is 60 € from a Belarusian embassy and 90 € at the National Minsk Airport.

When you will apply for a visa you will need to have a passport photo, health insurance coverage for the total days of your stay in Belarus and invitation from a Belarusian citizen or travel agency from Belarus. You will need also to fill an application form that you can download from here: Visa Application Form (PDF)

If you will apply for a visa at the airport you can buy health insurance at the airport (its on the visa section hall), the cost is about 0,50€ per day.

According to the new law, passport holders from 80 countries (see the list with countries
here) can enter Belarus without paying for visa for staying up to 5 days, the new rule is effective from 12 February 2017 and apply only for those who fly to International Airport of Minsk (MSQ) and arriving with flights coming not from Russia. All visitors need to have medical insurance with coverage of at least 10,000$ (you can buy directly at the airport) and cash money equivalent to 25€ per day.

FREE VISA for World Ice Hokey Championship in Minsk (2014) !!!
During the period of the World Ice Hockey Championship in Minsk all guests will be able to get free entrance to Belarus, the only requirement is to hold a ticket (paper or electronic) for entrance to the games and to have medical coverage for the period of their stay. The free entrance is valid only for the period of the Championship so from 25 April to 31 May (2014).

This is a very good chance even for visitors who do not want to watch the games to come and visit Belarus without paying for the visa.
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